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Warm Greetings for the New Year and Welcome to Port Klang Authourity (PKA)’s home page in this virtual world of ours.


We are delighted and honoured that you are keen to know more about Port Klang. We hope that as you navigate through our website, you will be able to appreciate our strengths and values and gather the opportunities that Port Klang, Malaysia’s Premiere Port, has to offer to the world.

2013 was an important and historic year for Port Klang as we celebrated our 50th anniversary as a Port Authority. PKA was established on 1st July 1963, as a statutory body to take over the administration and operations of the port from the Malayan Railway. PKA was responsible for the development and regulation of the port operations until it was privatized to Northport in the 1980s and Westports in 1990s.

Since then, Port Klang has grown rapidly to become one of the top ranked ports in the world. PKA has reshaped its role into 5 main core functions, namely; Trade Facilitation, Port Planning and Development, Regulatory oversight of privatised facilities and services, Free Zone Authority and Asset Management. It is our vision to maintain Port Klang As the National Load Centre Whilst Developing it as the Preferred Logistics Hub for the Asian Region.

To commemorate this historic celebration, PKA organized a Logistics Forum and Exhibition titled "Asia - Engine for Growth" on the 1st of July 2013 at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The Honourable Deputy Minister of Transport, Malaysia, YB. Datuk Aziz Kaprawi was the Guest of Honour officiating the Forum. This forum was attended by approximately 250 local and foreign delegates from the trade and maritime industry. The forum saw an array of distinguished speakers led by two of the most prominent figures significant to Port Klang’s history and growth Y. Bhg. Dato' Abdul Samad Mohamed (Group Managing Director, NCB Holdings) and Y.Bhg Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam (Executive Chairman, Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd).

PKA also launched a book on the history of Port Klang entitled: “Port Klang’s Journey Through Time”. This book documents Port Klang’s Journey from the pre-British era, when it was a flourishing centre for trade in tin and rubber, to when it was developed as a railway port when Malaya was under the British rule, and continues to Port Klang’s growth to where it is today as Malaysia’s leading international seaport.

In 2013, Port Klang saw a growth of 3.5% in comparison to the year 2012 in terms of container operations handling 10.35 Million TEUs with Northport handling 2.88 Million TEUs and Westports 7.47 Million TEUs. Despite the challenges of the economy, we are proud of this positive growth and expect Port Klang to retain its 12th position in the World Container Ports ranking for the year 2013.

Port Klang’s success is attributed to several factors most importantly the projects that were undertaken by PKA as well as our private terminal operators, Northport and Westports, who are constantly upgrading and improving their infrastructure and facilities in Port Klang to meet the need of the users and the dynamic changes brought about by the evolution of the maritime trade and industry.

Northport’s new wharf, 8A, is part of the CT4 development which commenced operations in December last year. It is able to berth vessels with drafts of up to 17 metres and will increase Northport’s annual handling capacity by 600,000 TEUS to reach 5.6 million TEUS.Northport expects to upgrade its wharf 8, 9 and 10, which will then be able to accommodate vessels up to 14,000 TEUS.

To support the new terminal, Northport had acquired four new quay cranes last year, bringing the total crane fleet for quay-side operations to 32 units. All the cranes are equipped with a state-of-the-art devices to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Meanwhile at Westports, the construction of Container Terminal Seven (CT7) is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year. Once CT7 is fully operational, Westports' handling capacity is expected to increase from 9.5 million TEUs to about 11 million TEUs annually.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the terminal operator - Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the successful launch of initial public offering (IPO) worth RM 2.03 Billion involving 813.19 million shares, making it the largest IPO for the year 2013.

Technological advances and improving operational efficiencies are also key areas that Port Klang looks into. PKA introduced the Port Klang Net in the year 2012 to enhance Port Klang’s efficiency and productivity . This is an initiative aimed at integrating various current IT systems used by port users. The pilot run which was launched in December 2012 was then implemented in stages in 2013. Among the modules being implemented under the Port Klang Net are Port Users registration, Vessel ID, Ship Call Number and eIMPORT and eEXPORT. Port Klang Net promises to bring about a radical difference in by way of how Port Klang’s transactions are conducted and is in line with the aspirations of the ASEAN Single Window.

With all these efforts and initiatives taken, we are confident of surpassing our 2013 achievements and will continue to grow to become one of the largest transhipment hubs in the world and we project Port Klang to handle 10.8 TEUs this year.

Port Klang Authority has always been inclusive in its interactions with not just terminal operators but shipping lines and agents, logistics services providers, government agencies and other stakeholders without which Port Klang’s success would not have been possible. We would like to thank everyone especially the Ministry of Transport Malaysia and those involved in building Port Klang’s success and we look forward to your continued support.

Thank you for once again for your kind support and interest in Port Klang and we hope you will have a productive time browsing our website.



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