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Warm Greetings for the New Year and Welcome to Port Klang Authourity (PKA)’s home page in this virtual world of ours.


We are delighted and honoured that you are keen to know more about Port Klang. We hope that as you navigate through our website, you will be able to appreciate our strengths and values and gather the opportunities that Port Klang, Malaysia’s Premiere Port, has to offer to the world.

Being a part of the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia, Port Klang share the sorrow and loss as we experience the tragic disappearance of MH 370 and the loss of MH 17. To cap it all off, in the closing days of the year, we lost Air Asia Flight QZ8501.

Port Klang registered a positive growth of 5.8% in 2014 in handling containers as compared to 2013 with a total of 10,945,804 TEU’s. Northport handled 2,574,026 TEU’s and Westports handled 8,371,778 TEU’s in 2014.

The positive growth of Port Klang was contributed by several factors mainly; its efficient and productive terminal operators, strong support of Port Klang’s shipping and logistics community and most importantly the support and commitment of major shipping lines that have made Port Klang as their hub, Port Klang’s supply driven facilities and enhanced state of art handling equipment. In addition to this, the strong cooperation and coordination between the Port Authority and private terminal operators Northport and Westports have made Port Klang’s continuous marketing and promotion strategies a resounding success.

Northport and Westports have respectively continued to progress in terms of port expansion plan. Northport launched their new wharf 8A on 24th February 2014 to cater to the expected growth in volume. The upgrading works of Wharf 16 that commenced in March 2014 was completed ahead of schedule in early November 2014. Besides that, Northport together with NCB Holdings and Kontena Nasional signed a Corporate Integrity Pledge in December 2014. The event which was witnessed by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) signifies unilateral declaration that the Companies will not commit corrupt acts and will work towards creating a business environment that is fair, transparent and free from corruption.

Westports, on the other hand, completed CT7 phase 2 (300m) in January 2014. It was also a historic year for Westports as they celebrated their 20th Anniversary on September 2014 and received the world largest container vessel MV CSCL Globe which belongs to China Shipping Container Lines (‘CSCL”) in December 2014. The future development plan of Westports includes the commencement of the building of 600 meters new wharf for CT8, whereby, the 1st 300 meters will be completed by end of 2015. Besides that, a new exit gate of 14 lanes at CT7 is also expected to be completed by end 2015.

In order to improve the connectivity between the two terminals in respect of handling transhipment containers, the port has commenced a barge service between both terminals in addition to the existing modes of rail and road. The barge service is capable of providing 4 road trip services between the terminals per week with a carriage capacity of 240 TEU’s. This initiative is expected to alleviate any issue of congestion on the roads as a result of ongoing road works around Port Klang. PKA embarked on the dredging of the south channel to 18.5m that was undertaken by a local contractor, Integrated Marine Works Sdn Bhd in November 2014. This exercise is well ahead of schedule and we hope to complete it by May 2015. With this initiative, Port Klang will be a non-tidal port and will be accessible 24/7.

In line with these efforts and improvements, along with Port Klang’s positive performance last year, Port Klang is expected to be ranked 13th in the World Container League (tentatively) maintaining its position as in 2013. As for 2015, Port Klang is projected to handle 11.6 million TEU’s, i.e: Northport 2.6 million TEU’s and Westports 9.0 million TEU’s.

Port Klang Authority has always been inclusive in its interactions with not just terminal operators but shipping lines and agents, logistics services providers, government agencies and other stakeholders without which Port Klang’s success would not have been possible. We would like to thank everyone especially the Ministry of Transport Malaysia and those involved in building Port Klang’s success and we look forward to your continued support.

Thank you for once again for your kind support and interest in Port Klang and we hope you will have a productive time browsing our website.


PKA General Manager




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