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Welcome to Port Klang Authority’s official website.


As Malaysia's premier maritime gateway, Port Klang has performed admirably over the years transforming itself from a feeder port in the 1980s to a leading transhipment hub despite the numerous challenges faced along the way. The Ports and Shipping sectors being very dynamic and diverse are known for their resilience in overcoming adverse situations, always bouncing back to perform better time and again, leveraging on each other’s strengths and synergy. It is no different in the current unpredictable global economy which is expected to continue for a few more years. Shipping lines, one of our main partners are facing problems of their own including low freight rates, oversupply of carriage capacity and fluctuating demands resulting in fleet rationalisation and fewer selective port calls.


As the nation’s main gateway and transhipment hub, one of Port Klang’s main strength is the long established partnership and strong ties with all players in the industry in understanding the need for businesses to operate in a commercially conducive environment.  In aspiring to be ASIA’S PREFERRED LOGISTICS HUB, the port is constantly exploring new avenues to improve its efficiency and reduce the cost of services provided to our customers. We will continue to work closely with all parties at both international and domestic fronts in facilitating trade through a robust and friendly system of services. 


The National Logistics Force headed by the Minister of Transport has been instrumental in putting together the National Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterplan under which Port Klang has been earmarked for improved road and rail infrastructure in overcoming connectivity issues. Several projects including road and bridge expansion works are expected to improve cargo delivery time. A long term plan to transform Port Klang into a Regional Maritime Centre offering various maritime services to complement its port and shipping services is also in the pipeline.


In addition to constantly improving efficiency in port operations, our terminal operators Northport and Westports are proactive in terminal planning providing facilities ahead of demand. While some of the terminals' expansion plans are currently in the execution stage, Port Klang Authority  in consultation with the stakeholders has identified  medium and long term proposals and is in discussion with the government to pursue timely implementation. PKA is also looking into enhancing the Port Klang Free Zone project to enable it to take on a more vibrant role in strengthening the backup areas for cargo activities.


Despite the uncertain world economic situation in 2016 , Port Klang exceeded expectations in achieving a 10.8% growth in container throughput against 2015, handling 13.17 million TEUs. With the global economy expected to remain sluggish in 2017, our challenge will be to maintain the growth in the coming year. Port Klang is optimistic that with the engagement of all industry players, we will be able to overcome and minimize the negative impacts.


Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a Successful 2017! Please do explore our website and anytime you need further information regarding Port Klang, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you. We hope this website will provide a better insight into Port Klang and enable our customers, stakeholders and the general public to get to know us better and learn more about our vision and mission, our goals and aspirations, our business strategies and our obligation to preserve the environment for future generations.

Capt. K. Subramaniam
General Manager
Port Klang Authority