What is whistle blowing?top

Whistle blowing is exposing malpractice in connection with misconduct and / or exposing omissions that are wrong in terms of regulations and void in terms of law-in this context those that may have occurred in the Port Kelang Authority (PKA) / Port Klang Free Zone Sdn. Bhd. (PKFZ).

What is the purpose of internal whistle blowing?top

  1. To serve as an internal platform for employees of any party to channel complaints, reports, and information relating to malpractices, misconduct, and / or omissions that are against the regulations of PKA / PKFZ and committed by the staff or management of PKA / PKFZ.
  1. To encourage complainants to report to the appropriate channels through a systematic internal complaints channel before bringing it to outside parties.
  1. To create a climate of openness and transparency in reporting any malpractice, misconduct and / or omissions in terms of rules which may have occurred in the PKA / PKFZ.

Who can complain?top

  1. Exposing matters described above can be done by any PKA / PKFZ employee including Board Members employed to the Appointed Representative (AR) position in PKA.

What is the policy related to the whistle blowing procedures?top

  1. PKA / PKFZ is committed to manage and investigate all complaints, reports or information about malpractice, misconduct and / or omissions that are illegal in terms of law as they are received from any party.
  1. PKA / PKFZ assures that in managing complaints, reports or information as above, the identity of the complainant will be kept confidential from any party.
  1. PKA / PKFZ will ensure that no disciplinary action will be taken against the complainant who has submitted any complaints, reports or information in good faith where his/her opinion is thought to be true.
  1. PKA / PKFZ will take disciplinary action against any employee who makes a false report or intentionally makes accusations and / or defamatory reports to others.

How do you file a complaint?top

  1. Complaints, reports or information may be made to the Appointed Representative (AR) by one of the following methods:
  • On-line via; or
  • In writing to the Appointed Representative (AR) (Head of Internal Audit)
  1. The Appointed Representative (AR) will then process the complaints, reports or information before forwarding it to the Committee prior to relevant action.
  1. The content of complaints, reports or information shall contain such things as the following:
  • Background information such as place, date, and time of occurrence.
  • Employees or parties involved or suspected.
  • Evidence of malpractice, misconduct, and / or omissions that are against regulations of PKA / PKFZ.
  • Evidence or witnesses that can help.
  • Reasons for complaints, reports or information being given. For example involving financial loss of PKA / PKFZ and affecting workplace harmony .
  • Particulars of the complainant, such as name, address, phone number and so forth.

How is the management of complaints procedures carried out?top

  1. Each complaint, report, or piece of information received will be registered and given feedback through the website within five (5) working days.
  1. The Appointed Representative (AR) will then process complaints, reports or information and subsequently forward it to the relevant committees.
  1. After receiving reports from the Appointed Representative (AR), the Committee will review the report and decide on the necessary actions to be taken. If the report is insufficient or incomplete and requires further information, the committee will refer back to the Appointed Representative (AR) for more information before deciding on any action.
  1. If the committee concludes the existence of misconduct and disciplinary action should be taken, a referral will be submitted to the PKA / PKFZ Disciplinary Committee for further action.
  1. Complainants will be informed about any decision or action that has been made pertaining to complaints results, reports or information.

What action can be taken if complaints are false?top

Any complaints, reports, or false information and / or intentionally made accusations and / or defamatory remarks attempting to ruin the image of an employee or PKA / PKFZ and / or for any other abuse of the whistle blowing mechanism system are offenses and disciplinary action can be taken against the employee involved.


To make a disclosure visit our website:-; or 

Any complaint of allegation can also be made direct to the Head of Internal Auditor



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