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Clients Charter

General/Public Client Charter
• Ensure a safe and comfortable port environment and infrastructure in line with set standards.
• Ensure that every license/permit application and electronic declaration is processed within the stipulated period.
• Ensure that response to customer inquiries and complaints is fast, accurate and friendly
• Ensuring internationally competitive port services, development and infrastructure with cost effective, use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and skilled manpower.

Department Client Charter
Dangerous Goods Department (DG)
To ensure all complete electronic declarations between 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs are processed within sixty minutes from time of receipt to record 100% achievement at least two months in a calendar year

Free Zone Department (FZ)
To ensure all complete electronic declarations between 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs are processed within sixty minutes from time of receipt to record 100% achievement at least two months in a calendar year

Marine Operations Department
• To conduct bathymetric surveys, collate and disseminate information regarding berth depth every three (3) months and the channel depths every six (6) months to port users.
• Ensuring the safety and comfort of ships entering/ entering the port is guaranteed by ensuring zero accidents and providing efficient piloting services as well as competent pilots.

Security Department
• To ensure Pre Arrival Notification notices are processed within two (2) hours of receipt to ensure all security rules regarding the ISPS Code are complied with and the customer's application is not delayed.
• To ensure that security inspections and patrols are carried out on terminals under the supervision of PKA on a regular basis, four (4) times a week and night patrols four (4) times a month, it is to create safe port conditions for port users.

Fire Department
• Ensure hot work approval application on board within two (2) hours on working days and four (4) hours after working hours and holidays.
• Ensure that fire audit inspections are held twice (2) a year in the buildings and areas of responsibility of PKA to ensure that aspects of safety and fire prevention are complied with.

One Stop Centre (OSC)
To ensure that every customer enquiry and feedback is acknowledged within one (1) working days and is responded on action / investigation within seven (7) working days from the date of acknowledgement.

Privatisation & Investment Department
To ensure that the Privatization Activity Monitoring Meeting with Port Operators are held at least twice (2) a year to ensure that the privatization goals set by the management are being complied with.

Planning & Development Department
To ensure that Port Klang’s monthly performance for the preceding month is prepared by the 12th of the following month for client’s information.

Information Technology Department
Ensure that all ICT system disruptions are resolved within four (4) hours. If the system malfunction cannot be remedied within four (4) hours, the manual process will be activated as contained in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Internal Audit Unit
• Ensure an independent function in inspecting and evaluating the activities of the Port Klang Authority and its subsidiaries is carried out at least 4 times a year.
• To ensure that Audit Committee Meetings are held four (4) times a year.

Legal Unit
To ensure that all actions to complete the agreement between PKA and other parties are implemented in accordance with the prescribed procedures and in accordance with the applicable rules.

Corporate Communications Department
• To ensure at least two (2) trading promotion activities are held at least twice (2) a year.
• Ensure charity activities/campaigns and social visits are held at least once (1) a year.

Human Resource Department
To ensure that medical related applications for retirees can be completed within one (1) week for internal approval and three (3) weeks with complete documents and the approval of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

Management Services & Procurement Department
Ensure that the Acceptance Letter is issued within two (2) working days to the successful tenderer after the decision of the Procurement Board Meeting.
• Ensure that a letter/email notification is issued to the Information Technology Department within one (1) day to display the procurement results on the PKA Website.
• Ensure stationery is supplied within two (2) weeks after the order form is received.
• Ensure that the PKA Level Governance Committee Meetings are held three (3) times a year.
• Ensure that the minutes of the meeting are completed within seven (7) days.
• Ensure the file management system is implemented with zero errors.
• Ensure that talks on the Application of Islamic Values are held once (1) a month.

Finance Department
Payment of Salaries and Allowances
• Ensure the payment of salaries and allowances of staff and officers every month according to the date set by the Accountant General's Department.
Bill Payment
• Ensure that the bill is paid 100% within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the complete voucher document.
Issuance of Receipt
• Ensure all receipts are issued immediately for receipt of cash / check / bank drafts.
Managing Housing Loans, Computers and vehicles
• Ensure proper management of Housing, Computer and Vehicle loan records of staff.
Bank Cash Deposit
• Ensure that all collections are deposited at the bank within one (1) day from the date of receipt of the collection.
Issuance of Bil
• Ensure the issuance of bills to tenants or lessees in the first week of each month depending on the terms and conditions of the tenancy or lease.

Property Management Department
• To ensure that every complete application to lease and rent Port Klang Authority’s lands and buildings is processed within one (1) month from the date of receipt for Board’s decision
• To ensure that all completed applications for port ancillary services is approve within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Engineering Department
To ensure that development plans in the port area received are in accordance with the Port Development Plan and signed within seven (7) working days.

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