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Where can I download Port Klang LCL Deconsolidation tariff?
Port Klang LCL Deconsolidation tariff can be downloaded from PKA website under the click menu “Tariff”

Property Management Department

How to register and apply for a Port Ancillary Services License?
Ancillary Services License can be registered and applied through online ePASS portal Version.2 at or through Port Klang Authority (PKA) official website at by following the steps below:- > Online System > eLicencing > Ancillary Services > License Application ePass.  
To facilitate the application process, applicant are requested to read the user guide which can be downloaded at ePASS portal Version.2

Human Resources Department

What medical facilities are provided to retirees?
General Order Chapter F (Medical) of 1974 stipulates that Federal Civil Service officers and retirees who receive pensions and their qualified family members are entitled to free medical facilities at Government hospitals/clinics.
Qualifications for eligible retirees and dependents are as follows:
1. Federal Civilian Pensioners
2. Husband/Wife
3. Widow/Widow (considered family of retirees as long as they do not remarry)
4. Children:
i. aged under 18 years; or
i. if still in school, under the age of 21; or
iii. a child who is weak due to mental or physical weakness and is unable to support himself, regardless of his age provided that the disability is experienced before the child reaches the age of 21.
The medical facilities allocated are based on Service Circular Number 21 of 2009 - Medical Facility Expenditure Application Regulations and among the facilities allowed are the supply of medicine and medical equipment as well as kidney disease treatment facilities.

What forms are used to apply for reimbursement and/or medical applications (supply of medicine and medical equipment and kidney disease treatment facilities):
Medical Form 1/09(T)

Internal Audit Department

What is an Internal Audit?

Internal Audit is an independent and objective activity that provides assurance and consultation to add value and improve organizational operations. It helps organizations achieve their goals by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Security Department

Who has to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code?
The ISPS Code, which is made mandatory by Chapter XI-2 (Special measures to enhance maritime security) of the SOLAS Convention, applies to the following types of ships engaged on international voyages:
(1) passenger ships including high-speed passenger craft;
(2) cargo ships, including high-speed craft of 500 gross tonnage and upwards; and
(3) mobile offshore drilling units.

SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code also apply to port facilities serving such ships engaged on international voyages.

Management Services & Procurement Department

I have a company that supplies stationery but is not registered with the Ministry of Finance, can I come in and supply the equipment that is worth less than RM20K?
Yes, purchases of less than RM20K can be purchased directly from suppliers registered or not registered with the Ministry of Finance.

Free Zone Department

What are commercial activities in Free Zones?

Commercial activities include trading (excluding retail trade), breaking bulk, grading, repacking and relabelling.

Dangerous Goods Department

What is Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous Goods are goods (articles or substances) potentially dangerous and pose significant risk to health, safety, property, environment & security.

Fire Department

Where the hot work permit were can be obtained?

Hot Work Permit will only be issued by the Northport Fire Department for hot work conducted in Northport and Southport areas. While hot work is carried out in Westports, hot work permit will issued by the Westports Fire Department.

Information Technology Department

What is the Sosial Media for PKA?

i.  Instagram – pkamalaysia
ii. Facebook – pkamalaysia
iii. Twitter – myportklang

Planning & Development Department

What is the volume of container handling and ranking in the World Container Port League for Port Klang in 2018?

Port Klang handled 12.32 mill teus and ranked 12th in the World Container Port League 2018.

Corporate Communications Department

How do I apply for a working/academic visit to Port Klang?

Application for a working/academic visit to Port Klang can be made by submitting a formal letter/email to Corporate Communications Department.

Privatisation & Investment Department

When are the North Port, South Port and West Port privatized?
North Port and South Port have been privatized to Northport (Malaysia) Bhd. (NMB) for a period of 21 years effective from 1st December 1992 and the concession period has expired on 30th November 2013. However, the government has agreed to extend the NMB concession period for 30 years effective from 1st December 2013 to 30th November 2043.
West Port has been privatized to Westports Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (WMSB) for a period of 30 years effective from 1st September 1994 to 31st August 2024.
However, WMSB concessions have been extended for an additional period of 30 years effective from 1st September 2024 to 31st August 2054 subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Supplementary Privatization Agreement signed on 15th January 2010.
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