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Apa itu Zon Bebas?
A Free Zone has the meaning assigned to it under Section 2 of the Customs Act 1967, Excise Act 1976, Sales Tax Act 1972 and Service Tax 1975. For the purpose of these Acts, a Free Zone is deemed to be a place outside Malaysia (without payment of any customs duty, excise duty, sales tax or service tax).

Type of Free Zone
There are two types of Free Zone, namely;
• Free Commercial Zone (FCZ)for commercial activities which includes trading, breaking bulk, grading, repacking, relabeling and transit and;
• Free Industrial Zone (FIZ)for manufacturing activity

What documents used in a Free Zone?
• ZB1 (Import, Export, Transshipment)
• ZB4 (To carry out activity)

What is eDCFZ ?
eDCFZ is a system that enable Free Zone Authority to process Free Zone declarations via portal that can accessed anytime and anywhere.

Does agent need to register with Free Zone Authority?
All declarants/agents must register with the Free Zone Authority, including those who has already registered with Customs as SMK Dagang Net users.



What is Dangerous Goods?
Dangerous Goods are goods (articles or substances) potentially dangerous and
pose significant risk to health, safety, property, environment & security.

What are the "The Authority Handling Group (PKA Group)"?
All dangerous goods having properties coming within the classes listed in the IMDG Code are regrouped into 3 groups according to their degree of danger.
For packaged and containerized dangerous goods; different treatment of handling within the port limits is assigned to each group as follow:-

PKA Group 1

Dangerous goods under this group can only be landed at such places and under such conditions as the Authority may impose from time to time. Vessel conveying such dangerous goods, unless otherwise agreed by the Authority, is prohibited from coming alongside any of the Authority’s berth.

PKA Group 2

Vessel conveying dangerous goods under this group may come alongside the Authority’s berths but the dangerous goods must be in direct transit and shall not be accepted into the Authority’s warehouses/open areas for storage unless otherwise agreed by the Authority.

PKA Group 3

Dangerous goods under this group may be stored at such places as may be authorised by the Authority depending on space availability and adequacy of preparatory facilities.

The handling method as assigned to each of the aforementioned group is not applicable to dangerous goods in bulk.

How does the dangerous goods declaration at port?
Notification to PKA via eDCFZ system

Each dangerous goods that wish to enter / exit to / from port must be declared with PKA Dangerous Goods Department by the master or owner or agent or shipper or his agent.

Dangerous goods declaration must be submitted 48 hours before arrival of vessel / Estimated Time Arrival (ETA).

CPC is required for export container (attached via eDCFZ system)

For the following IMO Classes, required permits / approvals from other government agencies: (attached via eDCFZ system)

IMO Class 1 : Royal Malaysian Police
IMO Class 6.2 : Ministry of Health
IMO Class 7 : Atomic Energy Licensing Board
Waste (Except IMO Class 7) : Department of Environment

What action can be taken against an agent that does not submit dangerous goods declaration?
The cargo or container will not be allowed to load/discharge to/from the vessel and a police report will be lodged as per KPA By Laws (Amendment) 1989.

What are the Act that been using by PKA to regulate the process and handling of dangerous goods at port?
Port Authorities Act 1963
Kelang Port Authority By-Laws (amendment) 1989
Ports (Privatization) Act 1990

How does a user get the information on handling of dangerous good at Port Klang?
The information on handling of dangerous goods at Port Klang is available at PKA’s web-site. The list of telephone numbers or emails are also available in the web-site.

What is MHB in IMSBC Code?
IMSBC Code defines MHB (Material hazardous only in bulk) as materials which may possess chemical hazards when carried in bulk other than materials classified as dangerous goods in the IMDG Code.

What regulation or reference of handling solid bulk cargoes?
i. International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code
ii. Kelang Port Authority (Amendment) By-Laws 1989

How many categories of cargoes in IMSBC Code?
Three categories of cargoes in IMSBC Code:

Group A – Consists of cargoes which may liquefy if shipped at moisture content in excess of their transportable moisture limit.

Group B – Consists of cargoes which possess a chemical hazard which could give rise to a dangerous situation on a ship

Group C – Consists of cargoes which are neither liable to liquefy (Group A) nor to possess chemical hazard (Group B).

How to submit declaration for solid bulk cargo?
Refer to Notice KS/LPK/06/2015 in PKA website.



Where the hot work permit were can be obtained?
Hot Work Permit will only be issued by the Northport Fire Department for hot work conducted in Northport and Southport areas. While hot work is carried out in Westports, hot work permit will issued by the Westports Fire Department.

Which agency issued the gas free certificates?
According to the Merchant Shipping Ordinance, for hot work on board vessel, gas free certificates may be issued by the Government of Malaysia Scientific Officer, from Department of Chemistry Malaysia. However, for the benefit of port users and the implementation of this hot work procedures within the port areas; authentication gas free can be done by the fire brigade that issuing the hot work permits.



What Is Port Limit?
The Boundaries Of The Area Over Which The Port Has Jurisdiction Over Navigation And Port Operational Procedures.

What Is Port Limit Of Port Klang?
The Port Limit Of Port Klang Is Defined Under Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.



Saya mempunyai sebuah syarikat yang membekalkan alat tulis tetapi tidak berdaftar dengan Kementerian Kewangan. Bolehkah saya membekalkan peralatan tersebut yang bernilai kurang daripada RM20K?
Boleh, perolehan yang dilaksanakan kurang daripada RM20K dilaksanakan secara pembelian terus boleh dibuat pembelian daripada pembekal yang berdaftar atau tidak berdaftar dengan Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

Berapa lamakah tempoh sah laku sebut harga?
Tempoh sah laku tawaran sebut harga hendaklah tidak melebihi 90 hari dari tarikh tutup sebut harga tersebut.


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